About Dyna

Dyna has been a professional Dutch manufacturer and exporter of the unique hammock based seating elements DynaForm® since the 1990's. We also supply a range of versatile DynaParts and the solid adjustable multipurpose chair DynaSpace

Dyna is a modern, innovative organization. Enthusiastic and professional staff work continuously on the development of technically sophisticated products that offer an optimal balance between mobility, functionality and comfort. Dyna acts as a partner in business with suppliers, dealer associations, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, nurses and carers. Collaboration with suppliers, consultants and end users is crucial.

In the past, sitting was seen as a static activity. Only in recent decades the realization has arisen that seating is a dynamic process. In recent years Dyna has developed unique seating systems based on this new science. Especially for people whose comfort and security are inextricably linked to their wellbeing. Sometimes in unconventional ways, Dyna has developed technically sophisticated products that are recommended by many professionals today. Inspired by the hammock, Dyna developed the famous Dynaform® seating elements.