Description   Article number  
  Abductor to front of seat incl bracket   Dyna011070  
  Adaptation Backrest height lowered/raised custom made (max. + or - 10cm)   Dyna000020  
  Adaptation Seat depth shortened/lengthened custom made… (max. + or - 10cm)   Dyna000010  
  Adaptation Seating element widened custom made…….cm (maximum of 60cm)    Dyna000030  
  Adaptation set 10cm raising  Ibis legrests   Dyna008135  
  Adaptation set 10cm raising Canto (Nxt)/Roxx legrests   Dyna008140  
  Adaptation set 10cm shortening Ibis legrests   Dyna008130  
  Adaptation set 5 cm raising Canto (Nxt) one-piece (Profix)  legrest   Dyna008150  
  Additional slot for seating fixation T-model   Dyna000050  
  Armrests padded and P-shaped (per pair)   Dyna009010  
  Assembly 4pnt harness   Dyna011080  
  Assembly for Booster Beatle YeS   Dyna014110  
  Assembly for Booster Puma YeS   Dyna014120  
  Assembly for Canto   Dyna014020  
  Assembly for Canto Nxt   Dyna014010  
  Assembly for Ibis Sedeo Pro   Dyna014035  
  Assembly for Ibis X and Ibis 212   Dyna014030  
  Assembly for Permobil C300 Canto   Dyna014100  
  Bead cushion for calf plate   Dyna008080  
  Bead cushion for footplate   Dyna008070  
  Biomechanical back angle continuously adjustable (not with DynaFormEzy)   Dyna002010  
  Double slides for Tray (set)   Dyna013020  
  Double slides for Tray (set)   Dyna013020  
  Dyna Space Anti-tip system / transportwheels   Dyna600130  
  Dyna Space cup shaped webbing back   Dyna602010  
  Dyna Space different colour vinyl   Dyna605010  
  Dyna Space tray competely padded   Dyna604050  
  Dyna Space tray lexan   Dyna604010  
  Dyna Space tray lexan incl belly padding   Dyna604020  
  Dyna Space tray wood/formica   Dyna604030  
  Dyna Space tray wood/formica incl belly padding   Dyna604040  
  Dyna Space webbing padded seat   Dyna601010  
  DynaForm seating element Custom made   Dyna001010  
  DynaFormEzy seating element LO44   DynaEzylo44  
  DynaFormEzy seating element LO48   DynaEzylo48  
  DynaFormEzy seating element LO52   DynaEzylo52  
  DynaFormEzy seating element MO44   DynaEzymo44  
  DynaFormEzy seating element MO48   DynaEzymo48  
  DynaFormEzy seating element MO52   DynaEzymo52  
  DynaFormEzy seating element SO44   DynaEzyso44  
  DynaFormEzy seating element SO48   DynaEzyso48  
  DynaFormEzy seating element SO52   DynaEzyso52  
  DynaFormFlex seating element LO44   DynaFlexlo44  
  DynaFormFlex seating element LO48   DynaFlexlo48  
  DynaFormFlex seating element LO52   DynaFlexlo52  
  DynaFormFlex seating element MO44   DynaFlexmo44  
  DynaFormFlex seating element MO48   DynaFlexmo48  
  DynaFormFlex seating element MO52   DynaFlexmo52  
  DynaFormFlex seating element SO44   DynaFlexso44  
  DynaFormFlex seating element SO48   DynaFlexso48  
  DynaFormFlex seating element SO52   DynaFlexso52  
  DynaFormMax seating element LO44   DynaMaxlo44  
  DynaFormMax seating element LO48   DynaMaxlo48  
  DynaFormMax seating element LO52   DynaMaxlo52  
  DynaFormMax seating element MO44   DynaMaxmo44  
  DynaFormMax seating element MO48   DynaMaxmo48  
  DynaFormMax seating element MO52   DynaMaxmo52  
  DynaFormMax seating element SO44   DynaMaxso44  
  DynaFormMax seating element SO48   DynaMaxso48  
  DynaFormMax seating element SO52   DynaMaxso52  
  DynaSpace, basic configuration, black, wheels, headrest   DynaSpace  
  Flex arm support (left and right applicable)   Dyna009030  
  Flex arm support terry cloth cover   Dyna009040  
  Footplate padded, covered with vinyl 10cm    Dyna008024  
  Footplate padded, covered with vinyl 10cm  icw 008050   Dyna008026  
  Footplate padded, covered with vinyl 3cm   Dyna008020  
  Footplate padded, covered with vinyl 3cm icw 008050   Dyna008022  
  Footplate wood enlarged, covered with rubber   Dyna008010  
  Footplate wood enlarged, covered with rubber icw 008050   Dyna008015  
  Headrest bracket 3D (without padded part)   Dyna010040  
  Headrest flexible incl adjustable mounting bracket Large   Dyna010020  
  Headrest flexible incl adjustable mounting bracket Medium   Dyna010010  
  Headrest flexible Large   Dyna010060  
  Headrest flexible Medium   Dyna010050  
  Headrest Large terry cloth cover   Dyna010025  
  Headrest Medium terry cloth cover   Dyna010015  
  Incontinence cover DynaForm Ezy/Flex SO48   Dyna005020  
  Incontinence cover DynaFormEzy/Flex LO44   Dyna005070  
  Incontinence cover DynaFormEzy/Flex LO48   Dyna005080  
  Incontinence cover DynaFormEzy/Flex LO52   Dyna005090  
  Incontinence cover DynaFormEzy/Flex MO44   Dyna005040  
  Incontinence cover DynaFormEzy/Flex MO48   Dyna005050  
  Incontinence cover DynaFormEzy/Flex MO52   Dyna005060  
  Incontinence cover DynaFormEzy/Flex SO44   Dyna005010  
  Incontinence cover DynaFormEzy/Flex SO52   Dyna005030  
  Incontinence cover DynaFormMax LO44   Dyna007070  
  Incontinence cover DynaFormMax LO48   Dyna007080  
  Incontinence cover DynaFormMax LO52   Dyna007090  
  Incontinence cover DynaFormMax MO44   Dyna007040  
  Incontinence cover DynaFormMax MO48   Dyna007050  
  Incontinence cover DynaFormMax MO52   Dyna007060  
  Incontinence cover DynaFormMax SO44   Dyna007010  
  Incontinence cover DynaFormMax SO48   Dyna007020  
  Incontinence cover DynaFormMax SO52   Dyna007030  
  Incontinence cover for DynaForm custom made   Dyna003020  
  Lapbelt padded double adjustable   Dyna011030  
  Lapbelt padded double adjustable with pen fixation   Dyna011040  
  Lateral support (left and right applicable)   Dyna011020  
  Lateral support left incl bracket   Dyna011050  
  Lateral support right incl bracket   Dyna011060  
  Leg support (DYNA008060) terry cloth cover   Dyna008065  
  Leg support with polystyrene filling   Dyna008060  
  Leg support with polystyrene filling; footplate part only   Dyna008061  
  Lumbar height adjustable   Dyna011010  
  Max headrest incl adjustable mounting bracket double   Dyna010030  
  Max headrest terry cloth cover   Dyna010035  
  Max leg support shim for lower leg length<42cm   Dyna008100  
  Max leg support with footplate   Dyna008090  
  Padded calf plate enlarged   Dyna008040  
  Padded calf plate with flanges   Dyna008050  
  Receptor for Tray   Dyna013030  
  Receptor for Tray   Dyna013030  
  Shim footplate for lower leg length<42cm   Dyna008030  
  Shim footplate for lower leg length<42cm icw 008050   Dyna008035  
  Terry cloth cover DynaFormEzy/Flex LO44   Dyna004080  
  Terry cloth cover DynaFormEzy/Flex LO48   Dyna004090  
  Terry cloth cover DynaFormEzy/Flex LO52   Dyna004100  
  Terry cloth cover DynaFormEzy/Flex MO44   Dyna004050  
  Terry cloth cover DynaFormEzy/Flex MO48   Dyna004060  
  Terry cloth cover DynaFormEzy/Flex MO52   Dyna004070  
  Terry cloth cover DynaFormEzy/Flex SO44   Dyna004020  
  Terry cloth cover DynaFormEzy/Flex SO48   Dyna004030  
  Terry cloth cover DynaFormEzy/Flex SO52   Dyna004040  
  Terry cloth cover DynaFormMax LO44   Dyna006070  
  Terry cloth cover DynaFormMax LO48   Dyna006080  
  Terry cloth cover DynaFormMax LO52   Dyna006090  
  Terry cloth cover DynaFormMax MO44   Dyna006040  
  Terry cloth cover DynaFormMax MO48   Dyna006050  
  Terry cloth cover DynaFormMax MO52   Dyna006060  
  Terry cloth cover DynaFormMax SO44   Dyna006010  
  Terry cloth cover DynaFormMax SO48   Dyna006020  
  Terry cloth cover DynaFormMax SO52   Dyna006030  
  Terry cloth cover for DynaForm custom made   Dyna003010  
  Tray competely padded LO   Dyna012150  
  Tray competely padded MO   Dyna012140  
  Tray competely padded SO   Dyna012130  
  Tray lexan incl belly padding LO   Dyna012060  
  Tray lexan incl belly padding MO   Dyna012050  
  Tray lexan incl belly padding SO   Dyna012040  
  Tray lexan LO   Dyna012030  
  Tray lexan MO   Dyna012020  
  Tray lexan SO   Dyna012010  
  Tray wood/formica incl belly padding LO   Dyna012120  
  Tray wood/formica incl belly padding MO   Dyna012110  
  Tray wood/formica incl belly padding SO   Dyna012100  
  Tray wood/formica LO   Dyna012090  
  Tray wood/formica MO   Dyna012080  
  Tray wood/formica SO   Dyna012070