The DynaFormEzy is the entry model of DynaForm line-up. This seating element forms itself to the seating and sitting position of the user. Intended for users who need more support than the conventional seats and backrests can offer, without extras.

Pressure relief
By using high quality materials with specific properties Dyna managed to develop a seating element directly transforms and adapts to the contours of the user when seated on (hammock principle) 

Unique is that the seating unit also adapts to the shifting position while the position of the body is maintained. Even when the position of the chair is changed, e.g. by tilting, the seating element adjusts itself and the pressure relief remains optimal.

This is possible because both the cover and the plastic shell are dynamic. Measurements show that the DynaForm has excellent pressure relieving properties and the bottoming-out effect does not occur. With these features the DynaFormEzy fits well in a decubitus policy.

Through a perfect fit and good lateral support the user experiences optimal support. This results in both a stable and very comfortable seating position. During development much attention has been given to ensuring that the movement of the arms is guaranteed.

Comfort and convenience
The combination of high quality materials, including elastic Platilon, flexible and deformable CHMR foam and a strong, indestructible plastic shell, is the starting point of the seating element. Combined with technical expertise this makes a unique product with a maximum yield in comfort and ease of use. The Dyna seating elements are designed so that a minimal number of settings are required. The settings are designed to prevent accidental change. Thus, the number of necessary control points is greatly reduced being a big time saver.

Available in 9 sizes

SW: SO (Small 37cm) MO (Medium 42cm) LO (Large 47cm)
SD: 44cm, 48cm, 52cm

Example: a SO44 has a seatwidth of 37cm and a seatdepth of 44cm.

Important! Because of the dynamic cover and shell the sizes above may vary slightly

Backheight: 60cm
Weight: DynaFormEzy: 8kg
Userweight: max. 125kg


• comprehensive accessories pack (DynaParts)

• mountable on