The DynaSpace chair is one that finds its application within healthcare institutions and hospitals. The modular seating is this very versatile and is therefore widely applicable.

The standard version is designed for the group of people who are still mobile, but while sitting needs more support and comfort than the average furnishing can offer.

The facility can be built entirely to the wishes and demands of the modern healthcare professional. AD-Seating, divisible back support, leg reception to IV pole holders etc. This makes DynaSpace excellent for treatment and nursing departments with high demands on comfort, flexibility, hygiene and convenience. A gas spring gives the DynaSpace an infinitely variable seat angle of 17˚ backwards so that more support and comfort is offered. Because of the 6˚ adjustment forward it's easier to stand up.


Basic configuration DynaSpace
• Seat width 48 cm.
• Seat depth 48 cm. (adjustable to 46 and 50 cm.)
• Seat height 47,5 cm.
• Back height 61 or 64 cm.
• Armrest height 23 cm. to 32 cm.
• tilt range: -6 ° to 17 °
• Max user weight 125 kg.
• Total width 70 cm.
• Frame fitted with braket casters in front and rear legs.
• Powder-coated black frame  
• Padded seat comfort
• Bowl-shaped padded backrest
• Padded armrests
• Padded parts upholstered in black ProSkin